Listed alphabetically by author

Petit Pois Akane Araragi A homepage with some of the most adorable art anywhere. No, it's not in French. ^^;;
Semplice Ari (Arianhrod) A very lovely anime-styled art/fanart site. ^-^ Somewhat sad-themed of late. Formerly Black Wing, and before that, Little Artbox. Now static.
Visions and Revisions C. Adia Writings and "half-baked ideas" of a humourous, intelligent raconteur, who also happens to have a gift for drawing cartoonish characters.
Catnip Time Cat Dreamer A site of art, fanart, poetry, prose, and a few other often fantastic odds and ends. Recently revamped.
Evey's Art Folder Evey Wong Homepage of another artist/writer. She has a very distinctive, clean style of drawing and likes to cheerfully poke fun at herself and her creations.
Blue Wind Inkfish Inkfish's artworks! Soft and accurate with excellent CG work.
Peridot Minmei Homepage of a very talented artist and the most amazing layout artist I've yet come across. Formerly Lazy Dahlia, and before that, Studio Janai
Fat Cat Ate That Ryuuen Yanagi Homepage of yet another online artist! Running out of things to say... She has a very assertive personality. I like reading her blog. ^_^