This is the main reason I decided to put up a home page. Currently some are just plaintext files. I'll convert them to html eventually...

Valley of Shadow
Saw the opening lines, but didn't like the rest of the poem much, so I made my own. :)
I encoded the melody as a midi file.
The Law of Hopsitality
The Old Code, in rhyme.
Leslie, the Guardian Angel
The creation date on this very unfinished short story sketch is Friday, February 13, 2004.
An obituary of a mysterious mechanic and motorcyclist.
A poem I found written on a sheet of paper in my stack of as-yet-unused looseleaf. I'd written it while ago.. but I don't remember exactly when.
A speech I wrote on Scholarship, given for the National Honor Society induction ceremony. (I memorized it.)
Result of a class assignment which consisted basically of "write your creed in creative form". I decided to write a short story about a young knight-in-training... (It's more of a lecture about chivalry than a narrative. o.o)
Character Sketch
Just a set of character sketches I typed up to show C. Adia. (I had them scribbled on some looseleaf before.)
The Traveler's Deathwish (or Song of the Wanderer, if the title's too morbid for you =)
A short poem. Yes, it's about death, no, I don't think it's morbid, and no, I do not contemplate suicide--I'm actually an optimist. "_~
Starbuck visits the psychiatrist
A script I wrote for a presentation on "psychological criticism" of the world's most famous whale book. Starbuck was mentioned only a handful of times in the research materials, so this is mostly drawn from whole cloth. I had fun presenting it--almost convinced the rest of the class that I'd gone mad. >:)
The Wisdom of Machiavel*
Another work from HS. My teacher called the phenomenon MEH overdose.