Character Sketch


	-Saylia-  is the most hot-blooded member of the group, always
	  ready to fight, with a temper as volatile as her adrenaline.
	  Her parents had decided it best to channel her aggression into
	  something more useful than attacking annoying frying pans, so
	  they signed her up for military training. Saylia's actually
	  very intelligent and a brilliant tactician--once you get her
	  to think rationally. She's in charge of keeping the group calm.

	-Happy-  is a rather depressed dwarf-sized tramp with a very
	  favorable relationship with locks. This gives him a significant
	  advantage as a burglar and master escape artist. He also
	  manages to always escape public attention, so has never gained
	  himself a reputation--or many acquaintances. Aside from Saylia
	  and Murray, approximately three other people know of his
	  existence. (Anyone else who encountered him promptly forgot the

	-Murray-  is a talented illusionist, one of the few able to cast
	  a full invisibility spell. Unfortunately, he accidentally cast
	  it permanently on himself, and so is forced to wear a
	  visibility ring at all times. Generally speaking, invisibility
	  can be a rather useful trait. Murray, however, has never been
	  known to not attract attention. He just can't seem to master
	  the art of moving semi-quietly (nevermind silently).


	-Antolan-  is a theologian dedicated to converting everyone from
	  fantaticism. He's an old friend of Saylia's; they ran into each
	  other while she was studying at the military academy. Antolan
	  was running from an angry crowd of fanatics he'd tried to
	  convert. Unfortunately, their leader, a particularly bright (or
	  dim) diehard zealot who preached peace and practiced war,
	  considered himself and his followers the chosen ones and
	  everyone else damned for all eternity, and was not overly-
	  -pleased with Antolan's attempt to undermine his authority.
	  Saylia was, of course, late for class. Nonetheless, she
	  valiantly defended the hapless professor against attack from
	  four fuzzy-headed fanatics while he got back up. She dispersed
	  the rest with a threat, whereupon Antolan began expounding on
	  the advantages of toleration. Luckily, Saylia was open-minded
	  enough to have already accepted the doctrine of tolerating
	  anyone who wasn't opposed to her and thus avoided loosing
	  his head. She made it to class just in time to be reprimanded
	  for showing up at all, which only increased her annoyance at
	  the theologian. Not wanting Saylia angry at him, Antolan later
	  apologized and invited her for tea and some excellent homemade
	  chocolate cake.

(c) 2001 by Fyrna Ela'eren
All Rights Reserved